Q: Can I buy more than one Passport?

A: Yes, you can! Craft Beer Passports make excellent gifts, too! Just remember, you can only use one Passport per person, per day! Servers have the right to decline any person they believe to have already used a CBP at their bar that day!

Q: Why isn’t my favourite bar/microbrewery on the Passport?

A: Unfortunately we only have room for a limited number of establishments per session.  But, please email us with your favourite spots that you’d like to see next time, and we will see what we can do!

Q: How are the establishments involved?

A: The establishments receive commission for each CBP they sell. Additionally, they receive a great deal of promotion and the chance to earn additional sales after you finish your first beer. Of course, the bars and breweries also benefit from having you return again after the Passport session has finished!

Q: Why is the stop I want to visit closed?

A: Bars and breweries keep a variety of different hours and may change their opening/closing times for any number of reasons. Before setting out to visit an establishment please give them a call first to find out their current operating hours!

Q: Why does the Passport expire in the new year?

A: This is so that once you have been introduced to a number of different craft beer bars and breweries with your Passport, you will return to the the ones you loved throughout the new year.